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Charity Auction Network is operated by the national auction firm Zetabid using their real estate platform and experience to facilitate donations of real estate equities on behalf of numerous nonprofits and charities.  Since over 95% of charities reject real estate donations because of the complexities of owning and managing real estate, Charity Auction Network fills a huge need by allowing real estate to be donated while removing all risk to the charity.

Using a parent 501(c)3 nonprofit model, we screen and sell donated assets quickly keeping our public nonprofit partners out of the chain of tile and shielded from any financial risk.  Over 80% of the donation net proceeds go to the donor’s nonprofit of choice in the form of cash.  And because we can manage the liquidation of donated assets simultaneously, assets with mortgages and back taxes and liens can be accepted.  We also make sure any listing brokers earn a full commission on the property value for donated real estate (and the cash nonprofit price for high value partial equity donations).

Our mission is to drive needed donations to worthy nonprofit ventures who are leaned on in times of crisis but are also have difficult times with traditional fundraising activities due to the COVID-19.

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