Real Estate Donations are Huge Missed Opportunity:

Very few nonprofits accept real estate, and those that do limit the vast themselves to mostly low value property that has no mortgage or liens.

Less than 3% of gifts are in the form of real estate equity despite 40% of the nation’s wealth held in real estate.  That disconnect represents the greatest untapped source of potential donations so critical for carry on the mission of worthy and critical causes helping our citizens.


Real Estate is Rejected Due to:

  • Nonprofit Will Not Take Title to Real Estate
  • Complex Approval/Governance with Asset Sales
  • Environmental Risk
  • Lack of Property Management Ability
  • Complex Property Underwriting Not a Staff Skillset
  • Risk of Ownership/Loss High
  • No Cash to Pay Closing Costs/Liens


Few charities are equipped to accept real estate donations due to significant ownership risk, operating costs of managing real estate assets, lack of immediate liquidity and legal avoidance of taking title (a mandate for donor tax deduction). For the handful that do, most miss out on large donation opportunities because they cherry-pick the free and clear assets and avoid complicated transactions.


Say Yes to All Donations


Zetabid’s white glove donor experience outsources all transactional risk from the nonprofit and provides the ability to accept any asset with equity.  All property types, all locations, all valuations, mortgage ok,



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Real Estate Donation Program Brief 2021