Zetabid believes every business should have a higher mission and purpose to drive pursuit of excellence.  To that end, Zetabid works on behalf of numerous non-profit groups to source real estate donations and turn real estate assets into operating cash.

In a typical year donors gave charities more than $400 billion in total gifts (2.1% of GDP) with 30% going to religious organizations. According to CCIM, less than 3 percent of donations came in the form of real estate equities despite the fact that more than 40 percent of the nation’s wealth is in real estate. That disconnect represents the greatest untapped source of potential donations to serve the needs of our citizens.

Almost no charities accept real estate donations (excluding university endowments) due to the ownership risk and operating costs of real estate assets due to a lack of immediate liquidity.

Zetabid runs two programs benefiting charities.  The first is a turn key program for charities to solicit real estate with Zetabid vetting assets and providing immediate liquidity to the charity.  This program is highly unique and eliminates the need for real estate management and costs providing charities with cash with no incremental marketing cost to solicit donations.

The second program is our IRS Section 170 platform.  The IRS Section 170 ‘Bargain Sale’ program is conducted on behalf of a small group of participating charities who purchase real estate for below market value with the seller often making up the difference in tax deductions/tax savings (assuming such seller can utilize deductions).  The charity realizes the donation amount when quickly selling for a market price.  Zetabid manages the real estate acquisition sourcing, closing and resale process to monetize millions of dollars per year to needy charities with no cash investment from the charity required.


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