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Charity Auction Network embraces the real estate agent community as the cornerstone of any real estate sale.   As agents earn their commission only upon a closed sale, most do not suggest a donation because they don’t understand the tax benefits for the seller and don’t have a way to get compensated for their work.

Full Commission on Donation:  Charity Auction Network was created by former real estate brokerage owners and is happy to announce that listing brokers who submit property for donation will get paid a full commission (both sides) based on the appraised value (or last list price) at the closing of the donation transaction by our charity partners!  This is typically a 2-4 week process and the commission is paid by the nonprofit not the seller.

In addition, for higher value assets that need to be resold by the Charity using an MLS listing, our charities will often hire the referring broker to assist.

Fee Protection on Open Listings:  If an agent does not have an exclusive listing but introduces Charity Auction Network to a donation transaction, the nonprofit will pay the agent a commission.  For listings of other brokers, agents may represent the nonprofit as buyer agent and the nonprofit will pay a full commission to be split by both listing and buyer agent at donation closing based on last list price or tax assessor appraised value.

Agent Benefits:

  • Full commission based on the value of the property (earn more than a sale)
  • CAN takes donations of all property types with or without a mortgage
  • Fast donation sale closings
  • Ability to submit unlisted assets as we will pay your commission
  • Donors/Sellers can make partial donations of equity and pull cash out at closing which broadens the donation asset pool to include higher value assets using the IRS Section 170 program.  CAN often handles luxury homes over $5M and commercial real estate between $2M and $50M using the S170 program.

Suggest an Asset for Donation

Buyer Agents:

If you are a buyer agent and have a buyer for one of our nonprofit properties for sale, please assist your buyer with the easy charity auction bidding process and earn a generous coop fee.   We pay the market average commission rate offered to buyer agents in the local market and posted on each property detail page.  In addition, many properties are available on a ‘buy it now’ basis if you don’t want to wait for an auction to end.


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